A Word With Wade: Secretary Crowfoot’s Blog

2020 Natural Resources Budget Priorities

Happy New Year! As we move into 2020, I am very energized to make progress on our collective work. On January 10, Governor Newsom shared his proposed annual budget, which is often called the most important policy document in state government as it conveys what the state’s priorities are.

The budget advances four higher-profile Natural Resources Agency priorities:

  • Protecting and preserving California’s natural resources through investments in our management of fish and wildlife. California is the nation’s most populous state and home to more diverse species and ecosystems than anywhere in the U.S. However, this natural abundance is increasingly under threat from climate change. This Administration is advancing initiatives that will help address these risks to better protect plants and animals before they become endangered.
  • Expanding the Department of Conservation’s regulatory oversight over oil and gas production to protect residents and communities as well as the environment. We want to continue that work and recommend more staff capacity to strengthen field enforcements, validate adequate bonding levels for operators, and improve public transparency.
  • Investing in access for all to our natural resources like parks and beaches. In total, $65.1 million has been proposed to help expand upon the work that State Parks has done through its Parks for All initiative to improve access and expand the parks system. Funds would go towards improving facilities in urban areas, acquiring land to expand parks, improving access for underserved populations and establishing a new state park.
  • Advancing a climate resilience bond for the November ballot. This $4.75 billion bond would provide investments that reduce risks associated with water, fire, extreme heat, and sea-level rise.

For more details about these proposals, visit the Governor’s Budget website to read our budget summary.